The Shadows Style Solo

by Ivan Milenkovic

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  • Hey GMC'ers!

    The Shadows were pop rock and instrumental rock band that was formed in the late 50ties. They were pioneers of the 4-member rock band format: drums, bass, rhythm guitar, lead guitar. In this lesson we will cover the style of their lead guitarist Hank Marvin, who was considered great guitar player of the time, and is one of the guitar icons in general. Marvin was famous for Stratocaster guitar use, tremolo arm use, Vox amps, and using tape echo machines.

    * Standard E
    * E - A - D - G - B - E
    (From thick

    to thin string)

    A Major

    Chord Progression:
    A (I) - D (IV) - A (I)

    E (V) - D (IV) - A (I)

    * Alternate picking
    * Tremolo use
    * Single note palm muted gallop picking

    * A Major

    Equipment used:

    Stratocaster with brigde single pickup and Amplitube 3 emulations (Vox AC30 EL84 "Copper", spring reverb, analog echo unit, tube compressor)

    A Major:

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