Petrucci Style Etude

by Carlos Carrillo

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  • Hello Friends of GMC! Today… John Peter Petrucci

    John Peter Petrucci is a virtuous guitarist, born on July 12, 1967, Petrucci grew up in a musicians' family environment in myanus. Though his parents are not musical, his major sister was playing the piano and electrical organ, his brother play bass and his minor sister play the clarinet. Though his sister influenced his musical interests to a certain extent, John says that he started touching the electrical guitar because all the boys of the neighborhood were touching and it seemed to him to be slightly entertaining. He studied in the school of Berklee's contemporary music in Boston, where together with his companion of secondary John Myung, they know Mike Portnoy and found what today is Dream Theater.

    John started taking classes of guitar at the age of 12, practising up to 6 daily hours with his colleague John Myung. In the frame of the success of his band Dream Theater, has achieved the recognition and respect of many musicians in the world due to his notable skill to compose musical complex and beautiful structures, test of this for example is his incorporation in the G3 tour together to Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, managing to be the invited guitarist who more times has taken part in this tour of virtuous guitarists.
    Nowadays Petrucci contributes to the magazine Guitar World with a monthly column and also he contributed with the writing of the scores to the books of Images and Words and Awake, two Dream Theater's discs. He has a video nowadays to the sale. The guitarists who more have influenced John Petrucci's style have been Steve Vai, Al Di Meola, Alex Lifeson (of the group Rush), Steve Howe (of the group Yes), Allan Holdsworth and the legendary Stevie Ray Vaughan. Nevertheless his maxim influences is Steve Morse.

    I think that it is very important to study these compositions; with them you will develop techniques, speed and the aptitude to create your own songs!

    This lesson technique focuses wisely on Alternate picking, string skipping, and sweep picking!

    The tuning is: Guitar Standard Tuning
    1) E 4) D
    2) B 5) A
    3) G 6) E

    Audio Settings: to record this lesson I have used the POD X3 live.
    Analog Chorus: Depth 66% Mix: 35%
    Analog Delay with modulation: 375ms Mix: 29%
    Amp: 2002 Criminal Cab: 4x12
    Mic: 57 on axis

    Nothing is impossible! Feel the music and God bless you!


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