Basics of Muting - 101 Tutorial

by Ivan Milenkovic

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  • Hi GMC, welcome to my new tutorial, this time we will concentrate on the basics of muting the strings.

    Muting the strings is very important in order to have a good and defined tone. For all of you who are not familiar yet with the concept of muting, and even those of you who are, this tutorial can give you some ideas how to approach muting in a healthy and easy way.

    This is a 101 lesson for easier understanding, and I hope that I will help in some way to make your tone and playing even better with the advices given. Have fun. :)

    This lesson contains:

    - concepts of muting
    - basic muting techniques
    - note muting
    - rhythm muting
    - right hand muting
    - tips how to approach muting
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