Adrian Vandenberg

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Adrian Vandenberg
Adrian Vandenberg


Adrian Vandenberg

Born in Netherlands, on January 31st 1954. He started playing guitar at the age of 17 and is best known for his time with the legendary band Whitesnake fronted by ex-Deep Purple singer David Coverdale

His style is versatile and can shred with the best, yet also he`s melodic, playing with great feel and expression.


In the late 70`s early 80`s Adrian formed a band simply called Vandenburg released 3 albums during the 80`s titled "Vandenburg", "Heading for a Storm" & "Alibi" Vandenberg resisted offers to join Whitesnake in the early eighties due to some success of his own project, in 1986 he gave in to David Coverdale`s offers and joined Whitesnake initially as a session guitarist.

The Whitesnake Years

Once joining Whitesnake he helped to complete the 1987 album, after a successful World Tour he co-wrote all of the music for Whitesnakes "Slip of the Tongue" album, unfortunatly Vandenburg was never to play any lead guitar work on the album due to a wrist injury that he sustained while performing isometric exercies, Steve Vai was employed by Coverdale to record all the guitars on the album in Vandenbergs place. Vandenberg recovered in time to join Whitesnake on the albums promotional tour, this time with Steve Vai as his dual guitar partner.

Life After Whitesnake

Adrian left Whitesnake in 1999 but Adrian continued to work on various smaller Whitesnake/Coverdale projects, but has since "reformed" vandenberg and early 2004 released a "greatest Hits" album, he now spends a lot of his time as an artist, his artwork and further info on Adrian can be found at his art website. Vandenberg Art

Vandenberg Discography


  • 1982 - Vandenberg
  • 1983 - Heading for a Storm
  • 1985 - Alibi
  • 2004 - Greatest Hits

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