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Beginner Guide
Posted by kaznie_NL

Beginner Kick-Off
David's Chord Lessons
To get started you need some basic things, they an be found in the beginner Kick-Off. There we find a bit of theory, a bit on chords, a bit on solo's...just a bit of everything . This is very usefull because you'll need it all to get a strong basis Later on you can orientate on smaller parts, but now it's usefull to start wide. David's chord lessons will give you a basis on chords. You can mix these lessons, but it's very handy to learn how to do barre chords before you start on david's lessons. For me doing David's lessons wasn't needed, I knew enough chords after some years of playing. You don't need to learn all his lessons by hard, pick one out and start trying it. Don't get frustrated with the barre and F chord

Frusciante Style
Frusciante Style 2
Mixolydian Beginner
Get that shuffle!
Tapping 1
Metronome lesson

These lessons will keep you motivated and learn you some more basics. If a lesson has a fast run, just skip it. For now that's cool. The frusciante styl lessons realy got me, I loved them! Of course also because I'm a RHCP fan but still...They can realy help you. The mixolydian was a nice one to start with, but don't do the whole song if you find it to hard after a while. The shuffle lesson is a nice one to keep motivated, especialy the start is easy. The tapping lesson is a nice one to keep your basis wide, and also to let your family go "Aaaaah...." and your friends will say "How long have you been playing?". Metronome knowledge comes in very very handy after a while. It's good to practice with a metronome and this lesson shows you how. But anothing important thing is that this lessons teaches some theory on triplets and 32th notes (don't know what I'm talking about? Go to the lesson )

Little Jazz Workshop Lesson 1 - Chords
Heavy Metal for Beginners 3
Blues Licks
Simple Melodies 2

These are examples of what you can play after you know the basics! Here the techniques work together and create something. The Jazz workshop uses chords you have learned with OToole's lessons, the metal lesson contains about everything you've learned , the blues licks contains some techniques learned from the mixolydian lesson like pull-offs and the simple melodies 2 lesson shows you how you, with your low level, can still make something beatiful

I hope this has helped anyone, good luck with it!!

Greetz, Kaz