Boss Gt-1 Review

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General Information

Original Author: Mertay

Weapon: Guitar Multi-FX

Make: BOSS

Model: GT-1

Price: Around 190€


Hardware/software; Was better than expected, feels great and durable + easy to navigate (didn't need to dig deep in the manual when adjusting from the unit). The software is also great, when working as a soundcard just fire the tone studio and open any website/mp3 etc. player and start jamming right away (no DAW needed).

FX button effects; Didn't notice any digital distortion or harshness with any effects, still sounds processor-like as expected but very workable (much better when connected to an amp).

Pedal fx; Impressed, wahwah's sound very good.

OD/DS; Most are very good, specially boss based pedals. Stuff like tubescreamer, RAT aren't really there and needs a bit too much work to adjust compared if you're familiar with the analog pedals.

Preamps; Worst side of the unit, I didn't use analyze software but pretty sure they breakup the same only eq and gain range responce is different from model to model. Aside 1-2 of them (like the recto), they don't sound any bigger than the pedals as should've been like in analog world. I mostly prefered a clean-to-slight breakup setting from the amp and used driven pedals when needed. The cab.s were as expected since not ir's...overall I'll just say they work but don't expect more (probably with a soft clipping saturation effect on the main output menu could make them sound much better, wish boss would have added something like that...)

Delay/Reverb; Delays are ok, no complaints (or praises) and the terra covers a lot of ground when needed (on the reverb section there is a second delay option if double delay is needed). The reverbs though has to be dialed in pretty extreme if someone wants the effect to be obvious to the listener.

Main output; When "small amp" option is selected, it sounded pretty good with a small blackstar idcore amp.

There is also output eq'ing for every patch, after a lot of play time with the unit my opinion is its best to keep the output option "line" for both computer and bigger amps and try to get the balance from the fx. If you start with decreased mid.s/increased bass etc. (like you would with a Mesa Mark V for example) most of the time the result gets harsh/bassy while adjusting.

Again though not analyzed, it feels like there's always a C type filter going on with the unit. In other words, its as if an engineer eq'd your dry sound for a mix. Don't try battling it when adjusting (specially listening the unit solo), this actually helps when played in a band or over backing tracks. Great idea for beginners but I wish they left a bit more room for the experienced users.

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