Boss Hm-2 Review

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Boss Hm-2
Boss Hm-2



Original author: Audiopaal

Weapon: Pedal

Make: Boss

Model: Hm-2

Price: I bought this pedal used for a price of 50 USD.

I used to own it back in the day as well but I was stupid enough to sell it along with all my other gear when the genious audiopaal figured he’d quit playing guitar a few years ago I got it back now though, Yey!



Level, distortion, high and lo equalizer controls. One input, one output. Extremely easy to use.


7. 5

“Boss: This pedal sounded as if it was spawned from the devil himself. Well, not exactly, but it did offer legions of young metal-heads the thickest, most obscene distortion tones around—perfect for that '80s metal sound —all in a convenient little stomp box that looked pretty evil. Grrrrr.”

If you use this pedal with a twisted mind who likes to play guitar (like me..) through a good amp, you’ll be able to create some wonderful sounds. And I mean wonderful in a twisted way This pedal is best for two settings: classic rock, with the mids moderately high and distortion moderately low, and death/trash metal, with the mids turned down, and distortion high. With this setting, it is great for rhythm.

Very Entombed sounding, which for me is a good thing

This was a great pedal 15 years ago, and to me it still is



It’s BOSS so it’s built like a tank. You could probably blow it up and the gain would still hunt you down It’s a very old pedal now, but it’s holding up great, so BOSS has done it again!



Personally I like this pedal, although other people might like the Dual Overdrive, Mega Distortion, Hyper Metal, Metal Zone etc. better. I think it’s great sounding if you dial it in right and would buy it again if stolen. It’s not the pedal I use the most but I love having it around when I want to rock out to old school metal!

This is a cheap distortion pedal that could come up with a solid metal sound on any rig. That's why I give it such a high score.