Boss MT-2 Mini Review

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Boss MT-2
Boss MT-2

Boss MT-2 Mini Review by Twist

This is one of the most versatile distortion pedals i could imagine (doesnt mean theres nothing beyond my imagination user posted image ).

The overall impression is standard boss pedal quality. The well known metal housing and the same design as my decade old Boss HM-2. These things are nearly indestructible. For this exact one it has to be proven that the two dual-knobs in the middle arent weakpoints.

What you can see on the outside is: The input and output, battery led, Level knob, 3 band equalizer with mid frequency shift and Distortion knob.

With the built in 3 band equalizer you can adjust low, mid and high frequencies separately and with the mid frequency shift knob you can adjust the mid frequencies and shift them lower or higher. With this wide range of options you can get a warm overdrive sound and a hard metalcore distortion within one pedal. It is a good idea, if you just got this pedal, to take a look at the manual and try the presets that are printed in there and modify them to suit your needs. If you try to build your tone from scratch it can be a bit difficult for beginners.

With around 90 Euros its not expensive too! And usually all shops that sell boss equipment have them in stock all the time because the are very popular.

Conclusion: Not too expensive distortion pedal with a vast range of sounds. The equalizer gives you full control over your sound and the pedal is built for eternity.

Boss MT-2 Mini Review by Fran

Boss MT-2 is a high gain distortion pedal by BOSS
Like all BOSS stomps it's built like a tank, and operates both on batteries and (preferably) power adapters.

I didn't find it easy to find the right tone on this pedal, takes a few days of trial & error to find the sweet spot, at least for me. I started checking some of the suggested settings from the product manual, and that helped big time. The range of sounds is wide, and small tweaking of the knobs produces huge variations in the sound.

This stomp is obviously geared towards metal, but it also can deliver some straight rock tones, though a bit raspy.

It has the usual volume & distortion knobs. Volume is used to match the clean amp sound volume. Distortion knob provides loads of it even on low settings, so look elsewhere if you are looking for a mild overdrive. I play rock/alternative and some not too aggresive metal covers, and I find that keeping the distortion knob in the middle provides enough gain to sustain for ages.

Here comes the tricky part (at least for me), the EQ.
It has two EQ knobs, and each one has two sepparate knobs. First two are high and low. Second one is all about mids, and it has mids & middle frequency cut. I run the pedal through an amp valve with clean sound, so the pedal should provide all the distortion, and finding the right EQ settings was (and still is sometimes) the harder part, depending on the song I'm playing. a slight turn of the highs might change the tone a lot, so it's better to tweak all settings one by one, play a song for a while, then tweak it just a bit, play again, and so on.

On top of finding the right high/lows, the real juice of this stomp comes from the amazing wide range of mids it can provide. Not only does it increase/decrease the mids like it does with the high/lows, but it also allows you to select wich middle frequency you wish to boost, with the middle freq knob. In my case I find that mid freq at 2 and mids at 10 or so works best. It provides that powerful, somewhat evil, metal sound I spect from this pedal.

What I dislike a bit about it is that it sounds a bit "thin" no matter how much I tweak it. I mean it has powerful distortion, but doesn't seem thick & greasy, it's a bit hollow, distorted but somewhat weak, if that makes any sense. Maybe it's because I cut the mids a bit, but it doesn't sound better when I increase them.

What I like about its distortion is that it "bites", I mean, you can palm mute some riffs and they sound crispy, and you feel that metal tone in there.

I ended up using it in conjunction with my Vox Satchurator. What one pedal lacks, the other delivers.
Satchurator doesn't provide that ZZZZ biting metallic tone, but has lots of "classic" distortion. It lacks that metal thumping noise to it. So I place the satchurator after the MT-2, and what do I get? The juicy solid classic distortion of the Satchurator with an extra roar in the background from the MT-2.

I wish I find one stomp someday which does it all in one, but so far I find the best solution using both at the same time. I get neverending sustain, amazing harmonics, though the sound might be too saturated. Maybe that's the tone I like, it just roars user posted image

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