Boss Mt-2 Review

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Boss Mt-2
Boss Mt-2



Original author: Erik

Weapon: Pedal

Make: Boss

Model: MT-2

Price: $99


The Boss Metal Zone is obviously a distortion pedal for heavy metal. It is one of the cheaper pedals, but you get a lot for the money. It's got a volume knob, a treble knob, bass knob, mid tone knob, mid frequency knob and distortion knob.

Before you start reading, keep in mind that I try to stay critical. I know a lot of you guys write reviews where 7/10 means "bad", 8/10 means "ok" 9/10 means "pretty good" and 10/10 means "good"

In my review 5/10 means "ok",
6/10 means "good",
7/10 means "very good",
8/10 means "really really good",
9/10 means "OMG!!"
and 10/10 means means "ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!",
so don't think I'm slaughtering it just because I didn't give it a 10/10


Price paid and where it was bought [PRICE: 9/10] It costs about 800 NOK in Norway, and according to the price range is $84.69 - $99.99 in the US.

Own experience

I've been using this in my band, once live and once at practise. I've had it since christmas (almost two weeks) I play the lead guitar, so I need to cut through the mix in the solos. It works well at this, and I can get that sharp, thrashy, pantera'ish tone.

Ease of use


This pedal is not very easy to use, but I don't think of that as too big of a disadvantage. It can be hard to find the perfect sound on this pedal. The mid freq-knob makes it possible to get many different sounds from this pedal, and I think that's great. It just gives you much more freedom in choosing a sound. However, the ease of use isn't that important, since the pedal is great for being able to choose so many different sounds. I think it is a lot cooler to spend time tuning for the perfect sound than just using a preset that everybody else uses. So: Usability 8/10

Sound quality


Not perfect, but still good. I can hear that this is not the most expensive pedal in the world, but yet it's still pretty good. I have found some really cool sounds, and I expect to find the perfect sound soon. It buzzes when you're not playing, which can be really annoying when playing loud at band practise, but I didn't notice it live. I think the sound quality is very good according to the price, and I think I will keep using this for a long time.


[10/10] Wow, top grade. I can't believe how nice I am. Anyway, this is a boss pedal, and I don't expect any other pedal on the market to be more reliable than this one. The fact that it was a boss pedal, was one of the main reasons I wanted this one. I was at a gig in december, and didn't have a distortion pedal. This guy agreed to lend me one, and I got a choice beetween the MT-2, and some other pedal I can't remember the name of. He said that the other pedal was a little better, but it might not be the sound I was looking for. I chose the MT-2 because it was boss and I knew it would be reliable.


This is a very good pedal, not only because it's cheap, but it has a lot of good qualities.

+ Lots of options in choosing a tone (the mid freq knob is a blessing)
+ It's cheap
+ It's a Boss, so it's very reliable
+ You can get awesome metal distortion out of it

- Buzzes a lot at high volume
- I hear it uses a lot of battery (though I always use an adapter on my effects)

I would recommend this to people who play heavy metal with a sharp tone. If you are looking for a deep sound with low end, you should try out the metal muff instead.

Overall points: [7.5/10]
which means: very good +