Boss OC-3

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General Information

OC-3 Octave Pedal
OC-3 Octave Pedal

Original Author: MonkeyDAthos

Weapon: Octave Pedal

Make: Boss

Model: Boss OC-3

Price: Around 119 Euros/153 USD


OC-3 has 4 knobs: Direct LeveL, Oct 1 Level, Control Knob and a Mode Knob:

Direct Level controls the volume of the pedal, turn knob to the right to increase and to the left to decrease.

Oct 1 Level adjust the level of volume of an octave below the original, it increase and decrease according you turn the knob to the right or left.

Control Knob functions change according the mode set in the Mode Knob:

Range adjusts the range in which the octave effect. Turning the knob to the right will extend the effect into a higher frequencies on the other hand turning the knob to the left will limit the effect to lower frequencies;

OCT 2 adjust the level of the sound two octaves below the original;

Drive as the name says with controls the amount of distortion in the sound;

Mode Knob Switches the octave effect:

Range(Poly) it creates a more stable octave sound than the other modes;

OCT 2 adds one more octave to the original sound, so you can get sounds lowered by two octaves;

Drive adds distortion to the sound and octave sound.

("Only the octave sound is distorted when a plug is connected to DIRECT OUT" - Manual)

OC-3 also won guitar and bass input so you can jam and gig with this pedal using both guitar and bass.

Sound Quality

As you can expect from a BOSS pedal, it gives you high quality octave sound.

Didn't detect any major problem, only beside while you kind sustain a note, sometimes OC-3 create a little buzz but nothing to worry, i hope.

It works in many styles, some catchy Blues/Rocks licks and some agressive stuff with Drive Mode on.

Also i wouldn't recomend it for using this pedal while you are doing chords progression, unless you are Buckethead of course.

Still go to try with a bass!


I have seen, many reviews and alots of comments saying, "oh yah its great, but it doesnt replace a bassist". I think this view of the pedal is just wrong, i mean no pedal can replace a bassist, like machines can't replace a man, ok they can in some situation but it won't be the same, and you get go it what i mean.
"back to the issue"
Well i don't see this pedal as a replacer of a bassist but has a dinamyc machine that you can add to your guitar playing. Its a awesome Jam tool, i can pass hours and hours just playing with it user posted image you can create really some smooth/freaky licks!. Also love the idea of having a Guitar and Bass input and i am looking foward to try it with a bass, as soon as i do i will post the experience here.

i don't regret it.


Ease of Use: 7

Sound Quality: 8

Versatibility: 9

Overall: 8