Cacophony - Speed Metal Symphony Review

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Speed Metal Symphony
Speed Metal Symphony


General Information

Original Author: MonkeyDAthos

Artist: Cacophony

Album: Speed Metal Symphony

Genre: Speed/Heavy Metal, Neo-Classic


1º- Savage
2º- Where My Fortune Lies
3º- The Ninja
4º- Concerto
5º- Burn the Ground
6º- Desert Island
7º- Speed Metal Symphony

CD Line Up

Peter Marrino – vocals
Marty Friedman – electric guitar, bass guitar, production
Jason Becker – electric guitar
Atma Anur – drums
Mike Varney – executive production



Probably one of the shreddest CDs ever. But nothing you wouldn't expect from the godlike shred duet, Marty Friedman and Jason Becker. iIn most of the songs you can feel a strong Speed Metal/Thrash Metal Rhythm, for example in "Savage", which in my opinion really suits the shredding madness that goes on. It might be hard to diggest if you aren't a fan of the this kind of music, sometimes the shred is just too amazingly chaotic (chaotic in a good way)!



Guitar - It's like the big bang, it's just amazing the work that these two put on this album, the phrasing, the magic melodies like the beginning on "Ninja", the harmony that you can hear between the guitar, it's genious, the rhythm guitar is also very well built, it is simple and efficient.

Drums - I don't know much about drums, but it seems to me that it is quite good, it's solid, it follows perfectly Becker/Friedman, Thrash/Metal-Neo-Classic kind of feeling.

Bass - To be honest, the bass is the only thing I can't hear very well in the songs. I am not saying that it's bad from what I hear, it seems good but I think it could had been better worked.

Lyrics and Singing:


To be honest, I dislike the vocalist, although he has the agressive attitude on his voice that I think really fits the band but I still think it lacks something. The lyrics are a bit meh in my opinion, it reminds a lot of 80's metal bands lyrics.

Burn the ground

He is the master of the ultimate empire.
He set a nation of victim of his ire.
They hold a secret in their hand
and they will send a power command:

Burn the ground,
He ordered so
Burn the ground

He was cleaning from a nation
he brought destruction and […] termination
Now there's a second chance for you
but will you ear to see [him…]


Someone’s red into the race.
They’ve seen behind me,
words so brave.
On the left, where righteous men
and horror meant close to a end.

The characters have changed
from inside my mind.
One less change, one man to live.

Sword made of steel, the ninja in red
destroyed past ten minutes part
some […] to fear
Demons waiting away from the best.
ninja cries out desperately
with a urgency […]

The characters have changed
from inside my mind.
One less change, one man to live.



7,7 but the album has epic guitar solos and stuff. Well, yep that's the problem, I think this album focus too much on the guitar duet and leaves a little bit to desired in the other instruments.
Beside that, yep, it's a good shred album and awesome to work up as guitarist!

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