Cirse Bi-Polar Review

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Cirse Bi-Polar
Cirse Bi-Polar


General Information

Original Author: Bondy

Artist: Cirse

Album: Bi-Polar

Genre: Rock


1: Muy Tarde (Very Late)
2: Cuando Despiertes (When you wake up)
3: Algo quedará (Something will remain)
4: Tecno (Tecno)
5: A través de mi (Through Myself)
6: Huir (Flee)
7: Alma de diamante (Diamond Soul)
8: Mentiras (Lies)
9:Malezas (Undergrowths)
10: Katmandú (Katmandú)
11: Algo Quedará (Acoustic version)

All Tracks 10/10


Great Rock sound from this album i have listened to it all day in my van and just can't get enough of it.luciana has a amazing voice and really belts the rock songs out but can also sing the ballards with great softness.the album moves along at a cracking pace right from the start with Muy Tarde (Very Late) and Cuando Despiertes (When you wake up) by track six it starts to mellow before picking up the pace again with what i think are the best songs on the album.Mentiras and Alma de diamante (Diamond Soul) and finishing of nicely with 2 acoustic numbers Katmandú and Algo Quedará Acoustic version.



The Guitar throughout the album is fantastic Gabriel power chords and riffs his way through like only he can.There are some notable solos especially on Mentiras where gabriel just pulls this mint solo out the hat ahh it awsome it's typical Gabe if u have tryed any of his lessons u will know what i mean he mixes Rhythm and lead together flawlessly.Also some very nice Acoustic work on the last 2 tracks.



Hey i'am not gonna lie there in spanish i don't speak spanish but somehow i understand it and they sound great so i will leave it at that.

Overall Impression


One amazing album from top to bottom move over nightwish and evanescence there's a new band in town and there called CIRSE my only regret is that i did not get gabriel luciana and the rest of the band to sign the album because there gonna be huge.I know u guys were on about re-recording some of the songs in english well i say do it the brits and the americans will lap this up it's got Platinum written all over it. Well Done