Crate GT212 Review

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Crate GT212
Crate GT212



Original author: The Uncreator

Weapon: Electric Guitar Amp

Make: Crate

Model: GT212

Price: $199 USD

Playing Style: Metal and Blues

Experience: I Own It


--Output Power Rating: 120 Watts RMS
--Speaker Size and Rating: Twin Crate 12" Speakers
--Preamp: FlexWave Evolution, 5 Preamp
--Input: RCA/CD Inputs
--Channels: 3: Solo, Rhythm, Clean
--Aux. Jacks: External Speaker Jack
--Reverb w/Level Control
--Lighted Power Switch
--1/4" Insert/Effects Loop
--CFS3 Footswitch Included
--Size and Weight: 21" x 26.5" x 11" 50 lbs.


First off, let me say that recently for the past few weeks, i have been looking at amps, and i was ready to shell out about $500 for one, but about a week and a half ago, i was in sam ash and i saw this Crate GT212 Combo Amp marked down from about $450 to $200! i was like "Holy Crap, You have to be kidding me!", Apparently since teh new Crate Models are comin in, there having a sale. I had experience with this amp at my friends house about a year and a half ago and was thoroughly impressed, but never pursued due to my lack of funds (Then it cost around $400-$500), Well, i finnaly bought it, and this is my review.


10 Like the title says, a Powerhouse Of Tone! There are 3 Channels, Solo, Rhythm, and Clean, but i look at the channels as this...."Sound 1, Sound 2, Clean Sound 1".... The solo channel combined with the rythm channel provides unlimited sustain and hundreds of tone Options. the way i have my channels set up is this..."Channel 1: Metal, Channel 2: Blues, Channel 3: Clean Guitar". The versatility of this amp is amazing! i hate to say it but since i bought this amp i have no use for my Digitech DF-7 Distortion Pedal, the sound this amp produces for my Metal needs is superb! Its heavy and thick on the rhythm and the lead stuff is blistering smooth! The blues sound i have is great as well, its a mixture of Kris' Hot Blues licks tone, as best as i could get, with a bit more gain, sounds like "Dirty Stevie Ray Vaughan". While this amp Obviously suits players aimed at Metal, if your like me and you want an amp with an unrelenting metal sound but with the versatility for blues, classical, or even Jazz, this is it!


Weighs 50lbs, and it has no wheels, so carrying it around is annoying, so may not be the top choice if you gig often, but if its just an every now and then kinda thing like me, it wont be too much trouble. while great with Metal and Blues, i wasnt satisfied with the classic rock tones i tried to get, so if your gonna play mainly classic rock stuff or something with a similar sound, This amp probabaly wont satisfy your need, maybe i just havent gotten the right settings yet though.

Overall Impression

10 If you want a great Amp for good In home practice, but with the capability to Gig with anytime anywhere, this its it! If you want that Merciless heavy Riffage for any and all kinds metal from early Iron Maiden to Nile, with the versatility for Blues, Jazz, or a great Neoclassical sounds and wont break your bufget, the Crate GT212 Solid State Amp is your calling.