Eagles - Long Road Out Of Eden Review

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Eagles - Long Road Out Of Eden
Eagles - Long Road Out Of Eden


General Information

Original Author: RobM

Artist: Eagles

Album: Long Road Out of Eden

Genre: Rock


No More Walks in the Woods
How Long
Busy being Fabulous
What do I do with my Heart
Guilty of the Crime
I Don't want to Hear Any More
Waiting in the Weeds
No More Cloudy Days
Fast Company
Do Something
You Are Not Alone
Long Road Out of Eden
I Dreamed there was no War
Frail Grasp of the Big Picture
Last Good Time in Town
I love to Watch a Woman Dance
Business as Usual
Center of the Universe
It's Your World Now


9 Just what you would expect from a band with as much experience as the Eagles have. Guitar work by Joe Walsh is great. Vocals by Walsh, Frey, Schmit & Henley are spot on. Everything meshes together perfectly.


7 The Lyrics are good but nothing really jumps out at me like so many of their songs of the past have.

Overall Impression

6 This is where the new album loses me. I can see they tried really hard to recapture their sound from the Witchy Woman, Desperado, Tequila Sunrise days but to me the album is too slow and comes across more as an easy listening CD than it does a rock album. Out of the 20 cuts on the album more than 12 of them are slow, tear jerker type of songs(please don't get me wrong I think "I can't tell you why" is one of the best Eagles songs) I was really expecting more out of them then what they delivered.

From a group that created Hotel California and Those Shoes this one is a disappointment. I almost feel like they were trying to make a statement with too many of the cuts on this CD and it turned into the pile of crap it is(no wonder they had to record, mix and produce the entire CD themselve's, no one else would! I'm going to force myself to listen to this one a few more times before I use it as a coaster, but as of right now it's headed for the "too bad I wasted my money on it" pile.