Epica - The Divine Conspiracy Review

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Epica - The Divine Conspiracy
Epica - The Divine Conspiracy


General Information

Original Author: The Uncreator

Artist: Epica

Album: The Divine Conspiracy

Genre:Symphonic Metal

For Fans Of: Nightwish, After Forever, Draconian, Within Temptation, Songs with big orchestral arangements


01 - Indigo ~ prologue
02 - The Obsessive Devotion
03 - Menace of Vanity
04 - Chasing The Dragon
05 - Never Enough
06 - La‘petach Chatat Rovetz ~ the Final Embrace
07 - Death of a Dream ~ the Embrace that Smothers part VII
08 - Living a Lie ~ the Embrace that Smothers part VIII
09 - Fools of Damnation ~ the Embrace that Smothers part IX
10 - Beyond Belief
11 - Safeguard to Paradise
12 - Sancta Terra
13 - The Divine Conspiracy


10 Beautiful, Epica is the soundtrack to that dream you wish you could dream ever night you go to sleep. An incredibly beautiful atmosphere fueled by Soaring vocals, Growls, Fast paced guitars, and a giant orchestra.


10 Now to be honest, Epica's past albums have never stood out to me as "Guitar Oriented", nor were they really meant to be. But with "The Divine Conspiracy" released, they have changed that pattern. Mark Jansen and Ad Sluijter are two guys who on this album, Shine more than ever. The riffs are fast and unrelenting, the acoustics glide beautifully over Simone's voice, and the riffs are getting more comlex on this album, i see a bit more of some Death and Black metal influences in some parts of these songs. Now this band isnt one to have Solo's in every song, in fact, there is ONE solo on this entire album, and it comes from Nowhere! i was listening to this, and 9 songs go by, no Solo's, and i wasnt expcting any, but then near the end of the tenth song (Beyond Belief), Ad Sluijter busts out a solo that caugt me way off guard. It was fast, melodic and mos tof all powerful, They may not solo much, but when they do, its fantastic.


8 Its for the most parts just following the Guitars, and since im infatuated with the riffs on this album, i gave it an 8, I would like a bit more variety from the bass work, but hey, it does its job, its done perfect. Still amazing.


9 Great! the album is full of speed oriented, machine gun fire drumwork. Throughout the album, especially in the heavier parts, the drums give off an impression of some monstrous beast pounding out his war blast. Very heavy, very fast, extremely good.

Vocals/ Simone Simmons

10 God this woman is amazing, Her voice is just beautiful. If you like soaring opera style vocals, then she is what your looking for. Her range is incredible, from the lower, soft, spoken words that can put you to sleep like in "Chasing The Dragon", to the more enfuriated infused vocals of "Death Of A Dream", Her voice is perfect! She never misses a note, and she can sing every word with such passion and emotion you can feel it! If she sings about sadness, you can feel the sorrow, if she sings about joy, you feel the happiness, if she sings about revenge, you feel her anger!

Vocals/ Mark Jansen

10 What Epica album is complete without Mark Jansen's demonic voice? None. and this album provided just that. On top of being one of Epica's axeman, Jansen adds a heavier element with is growls and screams, from lower and slower paced growls reminiscent of Death Metal, to faster, higher Growls/ Screams like in Black Metal, They really add another level. And when sung along with Simone Simmons epic voice, the Demonicly Divine harmony of Heavens Voice and Hell's Growls create a unique feel that really push this album to Godly status.


10 Beautiful and dream like, The band put in all the efforts of every member to make the perfect songs. They are fantastic, they hold your attention, there vivid, and most of all, you can relate to them, or atleast i can. They are withotu a doubt some of my favorites of any relase this year.

From "Obsessive Devotion"

I feel only misery for myself,
When i look through the eyes of someone else.
I can't even recognize the path that has to be taken,
To enter infinity.

I prefer to be unhappy with you,
Than depressed without you
I belong to someone, im dedicated to
Nothing lasts forever, but you...you do

From "Chasing The Dragon"

Nothing will be forever gone,
Memories will stay and find there way
Wha goes around comes around
Don't deny your tears
So let them go and fade into light,
Give up the fight here

From "Never Enough"

Always wanting what your eyes can't see,
Needing what your arms can't reach.
Thinking you are in need.
Hearing what your ears can't hear
Feeling what your hands can't touch Thinking your incomplete.

From "Beyond Belief"

The future is as certain,
As life will come to an end.
When time feels like a burden
We struggle with out certain death.

Overall Impression

10 Definetly, one of the best of '07, quite possibly ever, for me atleast. This has launched Epica into one of my highest regarded bands. A Beautiful soundscape of emotion and an atmosphere of the most Epic proprtions. An album that holds a close place in my heart forever.