Evile - Enter The Grave Review

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Evile - Enter The Grave
Evile - Enter The Grave


General Information

Original Author: The Uncreator

Artist: EVILE

Album: Enter The Grave

Genre: Thrash Metal


01. Enter The Grave
02. Thrasher
03. First Blood
04. Man Against Machine
05. Burned Alive
06. Killer From The Deep
07. We Who Are About To Die
08. Schizophrenia
09. Bathe In Blood
10. Armoured Assault


9 Quite amazing, like looking back in time to early Slayer and Exodus. Its a classic thrash sound from newcomers which isnt something you see often.


10 The duo for this outfit is Matt and Ol Drake, Matt laying down some of the sickest thrash riffs in a long time, while his brother Ol smashes you with blistering speed solo's. Riff wise, this alum is near flawless, the first song "Enter The Grave" has a very Angel Of Death feel to it, some of there songs remind me of Megadeth, Exodus and even Anthrax at points. There unique riff style will suit pretty much any thrash fan. Now solo wise its just as good. They are fast and they dont let it up, from quick sweeps to super-fast, super-melodic tapping sequences, if you like technical guitar soloing, once again, this will suit you very well.


7 Pretty good, while not always noticeable, but 90% of the time it is, the bass usually follows the guitars, but there are moments on this album with bass performing counter-riffs, and counter-melodies, meaning it plays a seperate riff and/ or melody while the guitar plays another. Mike Alexander does a more than fantastic job on this album, keeping to the true thrash spirit.


7 Very good, but i felt it wasnt as upfront as it should have been, i mean its not like yo udont notice it, but i just wish it was more....In your face. anyway, the drums are good, they dont harm the playing at all, but it doesnt help it all that much either, at times though, the drums are just great, fast and relentless.


8 Matt Drake, who plays rhtyhm guitars, is also lead vocalist, and he does a great job. He possesses a very unique voice and uses it well. Its very agressive, (and for those of you wondering, clean, vocals) and it just fits the album and music so well. He has that thrash voice, doesnt sound like he is someone else, but it has that attitude, like Tom Araya's, or Chuck Billy's, just a "We're here to play some metal and you better step the f&*k aside! " kinda thing.


7 Nothing amazing or brilliant, but still very fun, they range from topics from War, Monsters, Schizophrenia/ Dementia, and one song that i swear is about Rambo: First Blood the movie, guess what song im talking about?.....( First Blood for those of you who didnt catch on right away)

From 'Enter The Grave'
Craving scream to satisfy
Feel the need within
Thrill to hunt, Thrill to kill
Roam the night again
Mists of dark, He leaves his mark
A life is his tonight
Live for death, Kill for life
Insanity brings them down

Viloent premonitions of the death
Butchered and maimed
Enter The Grave

From 'Thrasher'
Blood on the stage, Thousands rage
A thrasher's soul on fire
Choas spread across the floor
BAng your head, Make it sore
Metal madness engulfs the stage
In the pit you come of age
Let battle commence, No space for the weak
The thrasher's dreams are now complete

Feel adrenaline rush
Jump into the pit
Kicking as you push
Braced for the hit
Bow down to the thrasher

Overall Impression

8 A true album for thrash fans, fast and heavy with that classic thrash attitude, everything from the music, even to the pictures in the album just screams a true thrash atmosphere, Definetly for fans of Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth, Exodus, Testament and just THRASH!!!!!