Fender G-dec Amp Review

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Fender G-DEC
Fender G-DEC



Original author: Shredmandan

Weapon: Amp

Make: Fender

Model: Fender G-dec

Price: $269.99 USD

Styles I play =Mostly Metal,some blues and rock

I just got this amp afew days ago on a trade for some other gear i had.This will make the second time i have owned one this year First one i bought new,this one was 2 weeks old.


• Easy recall of guitar tones from Heavy Metal to Jazz to Punk to Country-- at the twist of a knob!
• Drum beats, Bass lines, and other instruments provide musical backing in any style and tempo
• Internal synthesizer with MIDI interface allows playing with MIDI song files via computer— play all the backing tracks through the G-DEC! Every instrument from Piano to Percussion is in there! MIDI keyboards can also be hooked up to G-DEC to play the internal sounds.
• Special effects like Reverb and Echo plus crazy, creative sound effects!
• Easy-to-use automatic guitar tuner
• The amp’s top provides a flat surface for placing a portable CD or MP3 player; these devices can be hooked up with the G-DEC for “play along” capability
• Internal Phrase Sampler can sample the incoming guitar signal to create loops, or song snippets from CD/MP3 may be captured for careful study.
• Shoulder strap for easy transport
• 15 Watts of power with a Special Design 8” speaker
• Future software upgrades can be loaded via MIDI
For features i give this amp a 10/10


This little amp produces so many different sounds it would take you a whole day to go through all of them.If your a metal head or even a chicken picker you can get the sound your looking for in this amp.You dont loose any quality in the sound when jamming with the drums/bass it only fattens the sound when you play.The sound quality of the effects is overall good,there's some that could be better.Your not getting the exact quality sound effects as you would with an expensive processor but there more than usable,as this amp is meant for practice anyways.I think the sound is lacking power but ofcourse it's only 15watt's through an 8 speaker.Overall i give sound on this amp 7/10


I think you get a great value on this amp for what you pay for it.Figure for under $300.00 USD you get a drum machine,bass lines,almost every effect out there,15 sec of recording to jam along with.All that together definatly pays for itself along with 50 different preset's which you can edit and rename to your liking.I dont think you can go wrong with buying this amp,especially if your not in a band and just jamming alone in your room the G-DEC will become your new best friend Value i give 10/10


Like listed above there's just so much you get here in one amp.It s jam packed and perfect for the lonley musician or the bedroom player.


Not a amp made for gigging only 15watts.Some effects are not top of the line quality.Sometimes when you turn the knob to the digital display it skips through the presets like it's posessed.8 speaker


Overall im very satisfied with this amp.There's things i could pick out i wish were different,but you could do that with just about anything especially in this price range.It's just a really fun practice amp no matter what type of music you play.Biggest plus for me is the jam feature that lets you jam with different drum patterens as its great practice and helps with timing.Bigest let down would be the small 15watt 8 inch speaker sound.Im so used to playing with atleast 4 12 inches. Overall i give it an 8/10

Just want to add they make a G-DEC Junior and stay away from this one.Its not worth it and has really no features.They also make a G-DEC 30 which is 30 watts.I think the 30 would be the best route although i havent played it.I know it cost around $100.00 more dollars and adds afew extra features,so if you had it to blow id go for it,otherwise this one would be fine .

Want to get one at even a better price?Check out Ebay and get one for upto 40% off when buying used.

Editorial note: published 24 sept