Fleetwood Mac - Rumors Review

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Fleetwood Mac - Rumors
Fleetwood Mac - Rumors


General Information

Original Author: Rokchik

Artist: Fleetwood Mac

Album: Rumors

Genre: Rock

Released: 1977


Hey everyone. Myself and Andrew have talked about this album a few times and I decided to write a review. Now you metal guys may or may not like this group but they are amazing, and Rumors was and is one of the best albums ever made. So here it is in all it's glory.


A bit of history first. Fleetwood Mac was originally formed in 1967. The years leading up to the "Rumors" album saw many band members rotate through as well as a new musical direction. They started out as a Blues band in the UK but by 1975 and with the addition of guitarist Lindsey Buckingham and vocalist Stevie Nicks the band went more "california rock". The new line up released an album in 1975...self titled...which was a huge success for them. This new lineup would be the most famous and recognized Fleetwood Mac lineup and consited of

Mick Fleetwood - Drums
John McVie - Bass
Christine McVie - Keyboards/vocals
Lindsey Buckingham - Guitars/vocals
Stevie Nicks - vocals

In 1976 the band went through some rough times and "Rumors" was born.


1. Second Hand News (Buckingham) - 2:43
2. Dreams (Nicks) - 4:14
3. Never Going Back Again (Buckingham) - 2:14
4. Don't Stop (C.McVie) - 3:11
5. Go Your Own Way (Buckingham) - 3:38
6. Songbird (C.McVie) - 3:20

7. Silver Springs (Nicks) - 4:33.....not actually on the original album but was on the 2004 re-release. Was originally issued as a "b" side to "Go Your Own Way"

8. The Chain (Fleetwood mac) - 4:38
9. You Make Loving Fun (C.McVie) - 3:31
10. I Don't Want to Know (Nicks) - 3:11
11. Oh Daddy (C.McVie) - 3:54
12. Gold Dust Woman (Nicks) - 4:54

In 1977 "Rumors" was released and is to date the most successful album put out by Fleetwood Mac and is 13th on the best selling albums of all time.


This album is the breakup album of all time....without being winey. When this album was being recorded, Mick Fleetwood was in the midst of a divorce, John and Christine McVie were in the midst of their own divorce and Buckingham and Nicks had also broken up after years of being in a relationship together. In knowing this when you listen to songs like "Never Going Back again" or "Second Hand News" it's not really hard to figure out who Buckingham is talking about. Also at this time many of the band members were struggling with different addictions and the song "Gold Dust Woman" is attributed to Nicks' cocaine addiction. But it is not all gloom and doom. Songs like "Don't Stop" or "Go Your Own Way" although about their break ups also look at the positives and to the future. They are very optimistic. Nicks, Buckingham, and C. McVie did the writing for this album and their personal struggles and emotions radiate all through the album. However the song "The Chain" was written by the whole group. I always felt this song was trying to say that even though all the personal stuff was going on the band still stuck together dispeit the hard times. There is just so much raw emotion on this album. It's hard not to be drawn into it.

As for the sound well Mick Fleetwood and John McVie do an amazing job. The drums and bass on this album just help to set the tone. When you listen to "The Chain" with that bass drum intro leading into Buckinghams unique guitar styling over the bass....I just get chills. And Buckingham....well to me he never gets enough credit. His guitar tyle is so unique. Very banjo inspired which he also plays. "Never going Back again" is just a testament to his style and is probably my favorite song on the album. As for the vocals well Nicks, Buckingham and C. McVie take turns as lead and they are all amazing. Nicks' distinct voice creates an amazing aura within the songs...very mystical especially on "Gold Dust Woman". Christine McVie is more chipper I guess...for lack of a better word. And does an amazing job on "Songbird". All three are amazing and the atmosphere the whole band creates is intoxicating.

It is hard to describe the amazing acheivement of this album. Everything about it is fantastic. From the mood and tone to the powerful lyrics that describe the heartache but still sees the light at the end of the tunnel....just amazing stuff. If you haven't already noticed I just love this album. I can't think of another album that puts so much emotion into it. Even with all the hardship or because of it, Fleetwood Mac created an amazing album that is still admired today. Words just don't do it justice in my opinon. You just have to experience it for yourself.


10 out of 10


Never Going Back Again

Gold Dust Woman

The Chain...this is actually video from their live reunion....couldn't find anything else.