Gammacide - Victims Of Science Review

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Gammacide - Victims Of Science
Gammacide - Victims Of Science

General Information

Original Author: VinceG

Artist: Gammacide

Album: Victims Of Science

Genre: Thrash Metal

Origin: Arlington TX USA

Review: 80%

Year of Launch: 1989 (Remastered in 2005)


I have been on a more obscure thrash hunt for months now. Hunting down bands and albums from every place in the internet and finally finding some worthwhile bands to listen to. Gammacide is a very simple band, straight to the point as you might say. No introduction, no acoustic like noodlings just in your face Thrash. Pure and simple. The album production is very good even for the original copy.

Riffs and solos are fast. Nothing complicated just the usual play as fast as you can attitude. Bass is audible so no comment. Drums is also fast almost blast beats like at times. Two different style of vocals here. One being more of a hardcore punk style on the fast paced parts and a more calm deliver ala Slayer. Lyrics are about science and how its going to kill us in the future. Its like history channel of how the world is going to end but with thrash metal as background.

I enjoyed this album from the first track to last. Nothing to go crazy over but definitely a must have if your looking for a turn of a change to the usual thrash available.