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Hawaii, was an American Speed Metal/Heavy metal band formed by Marty Friedman, known also for Vixen (not the female metal band) in 1981.
Hawaii was one of best bands from Honolulu along side with Sacred Rite.
The band was dissolved by Marty Friedman around 1986 as he moved to San Francisco.

Line Up

Eddie Day - Vocals

Gary St. Pierre - Bass and vocals in "One Nation Underground"

Marty Friedman - Guitar

Tom Azevedo - Guitar

Joey Galisa - Bass

Jeff Graves - Drums

Kim La Chance - Vocals in "Made In Hawaii"

Kimo - Bass in "Made In Hawaii"


Made In Hawaii (EP) (as Vixen) (1983)

One Nation Underground (1983)

Loud, Wild And Heavy (EP) (1984)

Natives Are Restless (1985)