Ibanez VBT700 Review

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Ibanez VBT700
Ibanez VBT700


General Information

Original Author: The Uncreator & Andre Williams

Weapon: Guitar

Make: Ibanez

Model: VBT700

Price: $599

NOTE: This review is not written by me (The Uncreator), it is written by Andre Williams, a friend of mine, this is his take on this guitar, which i actually quite agree with , seeing as alot of people are looking at Ibanez's for new guitars, i thought he should review this for GMC!! Hope you enjoy


--V shaped mahogany body
--Thru-body 5-piece Wizard II neck
--Bound rosewood fingerboard
--24 jumbo frets
--2 DiMarzio D Activator pickups
--Custom Gibraltar bridge
--String-thru body
--Sharktooth inlays


8 Wow! another fine Ibanez product we have here! a pure powerhouse for any metalhead, its Dimarzio pickups give a great metal sound, excellent for anything from Blind Guardian, Angra, Joe Satriani, to Nile, Arch Enemy and Opeth, its a monsterous tone in a beautiful package. Playing through a Crate GT Series Soild State Amps, the sound this thing produced was superb. It lacked somewhat on getting a classic rock or bluesy sound, but it can still be done.


10 The most comfortable guitars for me to play are Flying V's, lightweight and they sit beautifully across my left leg. (Similar to how Pavel plays his JEM In his videos). And the 5 Piece Wizard II neck its very smooth and provides access to all 24 Jumbo Frets nicely, i felt no restriction playing this beast for the first time, and i still don't The bridge is excellent as well, my palm rests well on it, so i can switch from super fast palm muting riffage to slower melodies without really having to adjust my pciking hand at all. Its also makes me feel that i have twice the endurance!


--Lacks somewhat on getting Bluesy and Classic Rock Rones. Definetly a Metalheads Weapon.


9.5 Excellent Weapon! Ibanez's new Flying V Just sets new standards in affordable guitars, as they always do! Its an affordable weapon aimed the Metalhead in mind, so if you want a great guitar for some serious riffage, this is your weapon right here!*Now, i LOVE LOVE LOVE My Washburn V, but this guitar just feels excellent, sounds excellent, and surpasses most instruments in any price range!

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