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Joe Kataldo
Joe Kataldo

Joe Kataldo, born 1984 in Naples, is a guitarist/musician and instructor for Joe also teaches guitar at music schools in his local area and privately in his own home.

Joe Kataldo's main influnces include Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Dream Theater, Steve Vai, Vinnie Moore, Yngwie Malmsteen, Greg Howe, Al Di Meola and Paul Gilbert. Joe is involved with a lot of 70s rock cover bands and is a regular at The Old Tower, a local club which runs jam sessions and cover bands on Tuesday nights.



Joe Kataldo was raised in Naples and at the age of 7 began an interested in music as he took up Piano lessons. Eventually Joe started playing Violin and then Bass until finally at the age of 14 took up playing guitar.

Joe is mainly self taught, however he has studied with what he classes as some of the best Italian musicians/instructors such as Carlo Fimiani, William Stravato, Alex Stornello, Luca Chiaramonte, Maurizio Villa and Pietro Condorelli.

After school, Joe decided to continue his musical Journey and in 2004 took a music exam called "Teoria & Solfeggio" which translates to Theory and Reading. To pass the exam Joe needed to be able to read the complete system of clefs, sing melodies and write music.

A year later in 2005, Joe Kataldo attended the Musicians Institute of Hollywood. While there Joe took a one month music course studying with Scott Henderson, Ross Bolton, Daniel Gilbert, Matt Baldoni, Jamie Findlay, Al Bonhomme and Keith Wyatt. The course was very intensive and a lot of material was covered in a short time. A few years afterwards Joe is now studying a Masters Degree in Jazz at the Conservatory of Music of Naples.


Joe Kataldo has a wide range of styles that he enjoys playing, however he mainly plays Pop Rock, Hard Rock and Jazz. Joe has also been known to play Progressive rock/metal and Power metal on occasion. His lessons on GMC also range from these styles as well.

Joe has been in numerous cover bands and is currently in an AC/DC tribute band. He has also covered notable acts such as Dream Theater and Tool with past tribute bands.


Here is a list of the different equipment that Joe uses.
These lists will include both his live setup and what he uses for studio recording.

Live Setup

Pedalboard (Following the signal path)
Axess BS/2 -> RMC Wah -> Analog Man CompROSSor -> Zen Drive - > EB Volume Pedal Jr Custom 500khm -> Amp

Amplifiers and Effects
- Mesa Mark IV Head
- T.C. Electronics G-Major
- Furman Power Factor Pro Rack
- Mesa 1x12 with Celestion C90 Speaker
- Nobels MF-2 FootController
- Axess CFX-4
- Pedaltrain Pro Pedalboard


- Music Man John Petrucci
- Ibanez RG 7 321 Custom "Sad Skulls"
- Fender Telecaster
- Fender Stratocaster

  • Note: All Joe Kataldo's guitars are equipped with Bare Knuckles pickups.


- Mesa Boogie Mark IV Head
- Marshal JCM 800
- Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
- Fender Twin


- 1x12 Mesa Cab
- 2x12 Vertical Mesa Cab
- 4x12 Marshal Cab


- Analog Man CompROSSor
- RMC Picture Wah
- RMC 3
- BS-2 Buffer
- T.C. Electronic G-Major
- Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2
- Furman Power Factor Pro Rack
- Pedaltrain Pro Pedalboard
- Zen Drive

Misc Gear

- Nuendo SX 3
- Rode NT1
- Shure SM57
- Sennheiser MD-421 II


This section shall be changed as Joe Kataldo's endorsements change. Currently Joe Kataldo is endorsed by:

- Bare Knuckle pickups - Mayones Guitars

GMC Lessons

For a full list of Joe Kataldo's GMC lessons please use this link:

Joe's lessons on GMC vary in style from excersise lessons to style lessons. Joe is well known on GMC for his "I Got Rhythm Guitar" Series which he has made a total of 13 so far. He has also done lessons in the style of Firewind and Tool. Joe Kataldo also has some lessons on the Blues style and Pop style.

He currently has another series of lessons going called "Finger Shifting". He likes to vary his lessons between rhythm and lead guitar and the difficulty ratings for his lessons usually vary between 2 and 6. Here are some examples of Joe's lessons on GMC.

Tool Lesson

Soloing - Blues Workout

I Got Rhythm Guitar 6 - Funk Basics 1

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