John Mayer - The Village Sessions Review

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John Mayer - The Village Sessions
John Mayer - The Village Sessions


General Information

Original Author: Lithuanian

Artist: John Mayer

Release Date: Dec 12, 2006

Label: Sony-BMG

Genres: Acoustic Blues/Rock


01. Waiting On The World To Change (feat. Ben Harper)
02. Belief (acoustic)
03. Slow Dancing In A Burning Room (acoustic)
04. Good Love Is In The Way (acoustic)
05. I'm Gonna Fin Another You (acoustic)
06. In Repair (acoustic)

About the album

The Village Sessions is an EP (Extended play) album by John Mayer released on the 12th of December, 2006. The six-song EP contains acoustic and alternate versions of songs found on Mayer's third studio album, Continuum, and his Trio's live album, Try!


Strong 9/10 here. This time it's nothing but John Mayer and his guitar (excluding Waiting On The World To Change). This time its nothing but blues. No drums, no bass, no nothing. A real intimate feeling to the album. When I listen to this album I always picture John Mayer sitting in an empty room on a chair with his guitar just lost in the moment. I really like the fact that John is stepping out of his pop stuff, which made him popular, and that he finally started playing blues. The style of music his fingers were made to play. The songs from this album are taken from his Continuum and Try! albums. But I have to say, listening to acoustic versions is a whole new experience. He just completely remade them, made them more blue. Ben Harper gave "Waiting On The World To Change" a more gospel feel.

Guitar Work

9++/10. As I mentioned before, this album is about nothing more but John and his acoustic guitar. All I can say is that the guitar parts are AMAZING. Bot the rhythm and solo parts. No more comments needed.


9/10 As always, John Mayers lyrics perfectly match the instrumental side of the song perfectly. His voice is even better then in his Continuum album in my opinion. Nothing more I can say. I think that everyone is aware of Johns poetical genius.

Overall Impression

Overall rating of this album is 9/10 which is nearly perfect. I dont like EP albums. They are short, hard to get and expencive. But this EP is just so damn good. My favourite album withouth doubt. Everyone who is interested in blues guitar should listen to this album. Everyone in this forum should listen to it. Heck. Everyone in the world should listen to it. Its just so damn good to my ears.