Journal 2009-04-01 Stop Time Blues Video Collab Finished

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Ivan Milenkovic
Ivan Milenkovic

Stop Time Blues Video Collab Finished

Here at GMC we love to see our members performing, and that's why Video Collabs are so great!

Nine brave members took part in Ivan Milenkovic's latest blues collab, "Stop Time Blues", and it's plain to see that their had work is paying off!, Watch the final mix video:

Here's the list of participants:
1. Toroso
2. berko
3. Matt23
4. enforcer
5. Velvet Roger
6. leedbreak
7. Sergio Dorado
8. kaznie_NL
9. Caelumamittendum

Ivan has added video comments for each entry, which can be seen at the finished collab thread here. Check them out!