Journal 2009-09-04 New MTP Groups Formed

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New MTP Groups Formed

Community Coordinator Chris Evans has just announced something many members have been waiting for a long time: the new MTP groups have just been formed!

As you well know MTP stands for "Mentored Training Program", which is a way to interact & learn from our instructors in a much more personal manner, as close as it gets to real life One-on-One guitar lessons.

GMC has been testing & arranging small MTP groups for a year now, but this new wave of MTP groups makes the program reach a wider audience, so that everyone interested can easily be asigned a GMC Instructor to mentor his progress.

These are the new MTP groups, featuring GMC Instructor & his mentorees:

Emir Hot (8 students)
Jesse, Jafomatic, NoSkill, Gus, Alexaiden93, Dexxter, Dark_Dude, ChrnoAM

Lian Gerbino (5 Students)
Superize, Canis, johnvg, Zogerdr, Marek Rojewski

Muris Varajic (2 students)
maharzan, playaxeman

Pedja Simovic (17 Students)
TheKeplerConjecture, Edguy, Sondre, caelumamittendum, Coffeeman, mariogl91, Sami, Matt23, alejandro osorno, frederik, Deleted, Oxac, Paiva, Patrik Jezierski, wrk, marc_maiden, Duendezillo

Ivan Milenkovic (6 Students)
Sted, Staffy, Fusar, methodseeker, Kaznie_NL, shrednbuttah

Bogdan Radovic (3 Students)
Purple Hayes, Mrblomme, Iluha

David Wallimann (4 Students)
Joruus, arctic1234, T-Gunn, Nimrandir

This goes to show that over the past months GMC has evolved so much that the amount of activities available at our site is actually overwhelming: Instructor led collabs, REC program, Competitions, Virtual bands & now a full-fledged MTP waiting for you guys to jump in! user posted image