Journal 2009-09-28 September Collabs Ready

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David Wallimann
David Wallimann

September Collabs Ready

Did you think that we'd let September go without any new collabs? No way!

New collabs are always present in our boards, our members are devoted guitarists & our instructors don't ever let them rest ;)

So what's new? Well, this month we have three new mixes ready. Take a look:

  • Gabriel Leopardi - Southern Metal Collaboration: A dropped D riff serves as backing for fourteen GMC guitar heroes to show their pentatonic rocker/bluesy licks in this great sounding final mix.
  • David Wallimann - Master the Mixolydian: We love videos at GMC, and David gives us what we crave for with his cool Video-comments in this one. 10 participants compiled their unique takes into a successful collab. Check the video comments!
  • Santiago Díaz Garcés - Feeling inc collaboration: Sixteen members took part in Santiago's latest project: a ballad collab based on bendings & vibrato, two key techniques that every guitarist needs to master!. Hear what they came up with together here
  • Santiago Díaz Garcés - Heavy Metal Collab: Santiago has been really bussy this month running two collabs, and together with the previous "Feeling Inc" he now strikes with a powerful backing full of riffs & solos featured by six metal members. Hear for yourself!