Journal 2009-10-22 Computer Amp Simulator Article Series

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Computer Amp Simulator Article Series

The "white" amp in Vintage Amp Room Screenshot of Revalver MarkIII Amplitube 2.1

GMC member Staffy is currently creating a series of articles about Computer Amp Simulator software which shall be useful for many of us, as recording is part of our daily routine & activities here at GMC.

This project has its own homepage within our wiki, which can be found here: Computer Amp Simulators, and currently links to eight different software reviews:

NI Guitar Rig 4
SimulAnalog Guitar Suite
Multimedia Amplitube 2.1
IK Multimedia Amplitube Fender v. 1.0
Softubes Vintage Amp Room
Peavey Revalver MkIII
Recabinet Computer Speaker Emulator

Keep an eye on it, as this section keeps growing, and don't hesitate to share your own reviews from these or other guitar amp sims you know!

GR 4 All the Fender amps emulated The package of Recabinet Complete