Journal 2010-05-13 How To Improve GMC Competition - Voting

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Tasty Prizes!
Tasty Prizes!

Improve GMC Competition - Voting!

As you all know we've recently held our latest GMC Contest, "How to improve GMC", and we received some great feedback from our members user posted image

Our Instructors have taken a look at the entries, and in no particular order the top 5 are the entries by:

1. ZakkWylde
2. KaznieNL
3. Alexiaden93
4. Zen
5. Deleted

All their entries can be found HERE, along with the rest of participants :)

Now it's time for you to vote for your favourite entry among these five finalists! Help decide the future of the best site on the net and reward these members for their creativity and constructive ideas, vote!

And a small reminder of the Prizes at stake user posted image

1st. Prize:
FULLTONE OCD overdrive pedal

2nd. Price:

3rd. Prize:
D'Addario EXL110 Pro Pack