Journal 2010-05-25 New MTP Signups: June to August

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MTP June 2010
MTP June 2010

New MTP Signups: June to August

It's always a pleasure to announce a new wave of MTP (Mentored Trainig Program) signups!

Community Coordinator Chris Evans has just announced it in our boards, and this is the list of available instructors for this new period:

Lian Gerbino
Ivan Milenkovic
Gerado Siere
Pedja Simovic
Adrian Figallo
Bogdan Radovic (Bass MTP)

All you need to do is state your name and the name of the Instructor that you would like to work with under in this thread.
The closing date for sign ups will be Monday 31st May!

Here are some extra comments from Chris Evans regarding MTP:

- Please remember that those that are just finishing their round of MTP cannot sign up for this phase, they can however (if they haven't done so) finish off their final assignments.

- What is the important information you ask? After reading though this thread and taking on board many of your points of view, and after some discussion, we have decided to make this phase of the MTP the last one.

However, this is not the end! , a new program will be reborn in the very near future which Kristofer will announce to you just as soon as it's ready

Check the MTP boards for more information about the program, announcements & signups user posted image