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Private Lessons
Private Lessons

GMC Private Lessons Arrive

It's been a long way since GMC started to experiment with a more personal kind of interaction between intructors and students, and today we are happy to announce that a full fledged GMC Private Lessons feature is born and ready for anyone interested, starting now!

The concept is well known by those who have been involved in the beta stages of the process, named as "MTP" (Mentored Training Program), which has seen many tweaks and editions since it was born, check these if you wish to know more about MTP's history.

GMC Private Lessons will replace our dear old MTP. Those who are enjoying the last wave of MTP pairings will keep doing so until the end of the current period, which covers from June to August 2010.

But let's hear what Rocker & Founder Kristofer Dahl has to say about this exciting new project:

"Those of you have been following the development of MTP (Mentored Training Program) know that we have been experimenting back and forth with it.

As interest for the program grew - we ended up with a situation where we had to enforce restrictions in order to afford it. That is the reason we introduced the three month cycle and well as assignments/REC requirements. As a result many students were unhappy with the program.

Starting from today we introduce a new program called Private Lessons. With private we basically mean personal lessons - we chose this name because it fits the gap we are trying to fill at GMC, as well as the direction we want it to take.

This program will cost 30 usd per month and is completely separated from the normal GMC subscription. This means that if you want access to GMC videos and Private Lessons you will have to pay two separate fees.

The program will work very similar to the mtp program - however: You will be able to choose your own pace of progress. If you want lots of assignments you will get it - if you want a softer approach that is fine as well. No REC requirement. No three month limit - you can keep getting Private Lessons for an unlimited time. The idea is that you and your instructor find the ideal learning plan which works best for you - and helps you with your own style and direction.

Just as with the mtp program we will do our best to match you up with your desired instructor and/or style. More about the program and sign up here

Those of you who are currently doing MTP will of course be able to finish the three month cycle as planned without any additional fees.

I will do my best to answer your questions and feedback here!"

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