Journal 2010-08-08 The Big GMC Collab

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The Big GMC Collab

GMC Rocker & Founder Kristofer Dahl has just announced a very special new Collab, "The Big GMC Collab", where everyone is invited.

We bet you all remember Kris latest song Red Shot and the following Instructor's Collab based on it. Now it's everyone's turn to showcase their licks and riffs over the original backing.

Want to know more about it? Listen to Kris!:

This time around we want everyone to participate! Students, instructors, moderators, ninjas and dogs (etc). The plan is to showcase the diversity of styles we have got at GMC. When we are done with the mix I will put together a video which hopefully will get more youtube views than the last one (~50k and counting). So in a way this can be seen as a competition where the winners get to be featured in a video watched by tens of thousands, playing with some of the best guitarists out there. Not so bad, huh?!

So who "wins"? -The ones with the most musical and unique takes (according to my taste...). So let's get rolling!

- Backings:

big_collab_bt.mp3 ( 8.16MB )

big_collab_bt_drums_only.mp3 ( 8.16MB )

('Drums only' are for those of you want to get really crazy.)

BPM: 135
Tonality: A minor and E minor, the outro is in E major


Start date: Friday August 13th. Takes uploaded prior to this date will be removed, this is because we want everyone to have "fresh" ears when recording their takes. We don't really have a collab deadline - I will notify in advance when I think we are starting to get enough takes.

Video requirement - that's right. The end result will be a video, so I need to know that people who submit an audio take can also record a video (not valid for instructors). You can either link to an old rec take of yours or record a new video. But you need to provide evidence of your video capabalities when submitting your audio take(s). The easiest way is of course if you record audio and video at the same time.

Audio The idea is that anyone may have a go at any part(s) and then I will do my best to glue it all together. All styles, speeds and instruments accepted.

Please send me all takes starting from "point 0" on the backing - to make it easier for me to mix this. You can upload the mp3 here or send me the wave file for optimal quality ([email protected] - please use or

Please do not use any reverb at all - this way I can apply the same reverb to all takes to make the mix sound more unison.

I am personally having a blast with this backing - and expect to not only participate in this collab but also record a complete song of my own with it (most of it is actually already done! ). I hope many people will enjoy the backing so we can get a lot of participants.

So what are you waiting for - join the fun!