Journal 2010-12-10 GMC Journal Second Anniversary

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GMC Journal
GMC Journal

GMC Journal Second Anniversary

Our beloved GMC Journal is now two years old!

Actually, a bit more than that user posted image For over a couple years this little online wiki-newspaper has been delivering the latest improvements, activities and happenings of our guitar community, and so far 180 Journal entries prove it!

We hope you are enjoying this small data-base of our history as much as we do creating it daily. As you guys know, most prominent articles from our Journal find their way to the Knowledge Base Main Page & Workshops Section, providing one of the site's most important means of communication with our members.

Keep rocking guys, and keep delivering those awesome collabs, videos, covers, reviews, experiments and tracks. GMC Journal will be there to portray all your contributions to GMC. For any doubts, suggestions and ideas, feel free to contact Fran in our boards user posted image