Journal 2011-03-02 New Licks of The Day Live

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New Licks of the Day
New Licks of the Day

Licks of The Day : A New Generation

Our classic "Licks of the Day" have been a GMC trademark for years now. This week we are proud to start a new generation of dailies, with an improved interface and video quality that far surpass that of our classics.

Being this a new wave of licks, we couldn't find a better place than the one where it all started: the blues!

It's been just a couple days, but so far we've enjoyed two great samples of quality blues by the hand of instructors Stephane Lucarelli and Ivan Milenkovic. As you can see these new licks feature the same structure as our full fledged lessons, providing high resolution vids, tabs, scales and theory.

The Lick of The Day will be available for everyone, guests included. The LotD database will only be available for members though. So far we can find the new ones there, along with our classic collection by Kristofer Dahl.

Check our daily lick here
Check the complete database here