Journal 2011-03-29 Over Two Years of GMC Funnies

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GMC Funnies

It's amazing how fast time goes by! All the pics in this article are extracts from our GMC cartoons user posted image

Image:gmcf11s.jpg Image:gmcf21s.jpg Image:gmcf31s.jpg Image:gmcf41s.jpg Image:gmcf61s.jpg

It seems like yesterday, but it's been over two years since GMC community welcomed drawer Jason Nocera, who enlightens our weekends at GMC ever since user posted image

Over a hundred Issues (111 at the time of writing this article) full of stories about our community and its members, based on different threads, conversations and happenings in our boards. These cool cartoons soon became a new GMC trademark when our members started to sport them at their user sigs, for us to be reminded of our old stories user posted image

Image:gmcf14s.jpg Image:gmcf24s.jpg Image:gmcf34s.jpg Image:gmcf44s.jpg Image:gmcf64s.jpg

Each weekly cartoon is portrayed both at the Practicing Board and at the Knowledge Base Main Page (Community section), as well as in the GMC Journal.

On top of that, and along with Jason Nocera, a new GMC Greeting Cards project started last year, with special cartoons dedicated to special events and holidays.

Image:gmcf27s.jpg Image:gmcf37s.jpg Image:gmcf107s.jpg Image:gmcf85s.jpg Image:gmcf72s.jpg

All pics in this article are part of Jason's GMC Comic strips. Read them all HERE!