Journal 2011-04-11 New Portal "GMC Radio"

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GMC radio Portal!
GMC radio Portal!

New Portal "GMC Radio"

A new portal is born in our knowledge base, one that will gather the music created by our community, and that will be known as "GMC Radio" from now on user posted image

We are aiming to create a GMC music database together, where we can access all tracks written by our members, instructors and virtual bands. These can be .mp3 files that our members have shared with us during these years, or youtube links to their vids, etc.

Our member Quadrium (Dogukan) came up with the idea lately, and we are now in the process of adding all current tracks from our boards into this new project, which is no easy task! That's why we are calling for your help to retrieve all the links of uploaded tracks that we have scattered around the boards, as well as youtube links, etc.

We are also studying the possibility of an embedded wiki media player, to listen to the tracks here in our knowledge base. user posted image

Hope you guys like the idea! feel free to share your track links with us in this thread user posted image

Image: renjith krishnan /