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Welcome to our GMC Radio section. user posted image
We are opening this new portal where we will gather and share all the tracks written by our instructors, students and virtual bands. Here we will be adding links to all our members uploads and projects, along with some track lists, most popular tunes, latest additions, etc. We are currently gathering all the songs from the forums.

Latest Tracks

Here are the latest tracks shared by our members. Enjoy!

Alex Feather - Monsters Are Here
Emgie - Fur Elise
Adrian Figallo - Give It Away(Red Hot Chili Peppers Cover)
Superize - Prophecy(Holyhell Cover)
Gabriel Leopardi - Buckethead Style Collab
Sevenfx - Finally Moving(Pretty Lights Cover)
The Uncreator(Lascaille's Shroud) - Pathways Of Evolution, Event 1 - Machine
The Uncreator(Lascaille's Shroud) - Contact
The Uncreator(Lascaille's Shroud) - Parallel Infinities 5:The Waves As They Crash Against The Stars
The Uncreator(Lascaille's Shroud) - Parallel Infinities 2:Swarming The Sun
Jstcrsn - You Make Me Fly
Jstcrsn - Day 41
Jstcrsn - Never Look Away
TylerT - Nameless
Thefireball - Canon Rock 2011
Stringhammer - Hungarian Rhapsody No II(Franz Liszt Cover)
Zen - She Wolf(Megadeth Cover)
Thefireball - Determination
Project Quadrium(Virtual Band) - Temporal Narcosis
Daniel Realpe - Heavy Static Metal Collab
TylerT - New Millennium Cyanide Christ(Meshuggah Cover)
Maharzan - Until We Say Goodbye
Stringhammer - Feladat Braveheart
TylerT - Song 2
TylerT - Song 1
AdamB - A Song For Ali
The Uncreator(Lascaille's Shroud) - Parallel Infinities 4:Coalescing Particles
Kristofer Dahl, Lian Gerbino, Luciana Segovia & Gabriel Leopardi - Future Is Now
Zen - My Last Serenade(Killswitch Engage Cover)
Sentia - Moon
Daniel Realpe - Diabolic Collab
Keep_Rocking - For Whom The Bell Tolls(Metallica Cover)
The Uncreator(Lascaille's Shroud) - Revelation Space
Superize - Carry On(Insiania Cover)
Guitarn00b - Moving Across The Line

Favourite Tracks

Here are the favourite tracks suggested by our members.

All Tracks

Here you can see the some of the songs uploaded by our members and instructors.
You can access the full track list from here!

Kristofer Dahl - Brutal Bump
Bogdan Radovic(Ljute Papricice) - Hej Fanki
Bear Rose - What Child Is This?
Trond Vold ft. Audiopaal - The Final Countdown(Europe Cover)
Zen & Sollesnes - Symphony Of Destruction(Megadeth Cover)
Alex Lewis - Wargasm
OrganizedConfusion - Money(Pink Floyd Cover)
TylerT - Next
Rated Htr - Time Is Running Out(Muse Cover)
Sentia - Falling Dream
Johny Guitar - The Loner(Gary Moore Cover)
Gilmore - Forgotten Part II(Joe Satriani Cover)
Mhskeide - Morning Star(Vinnie Moore Cover)
Thefireball - Be Wary of Evil
RobK87 - If I Could Fly(Joe Satriani Cover)
Artemus - Mariah Gets Mashed
Stringhammer - Farewell Ballad(Zakk Wylde Cover)
Staffy - Sheesh
Empan - Feather theme Piano Cover(From Forrest Gump)
Caelumamittendum - Test
Antipolitik - Chameleon Child
Cornelius - Lips Of An Angel
The Uncreator(Lascaille's Shroud) - Revelation Space
Crazy_Diamond - No Time Blues
Staffy - Love Will Conquer All
Falcon_itself - Master of Puppets(Metallica Cover)
Fingerspasm - Holy Diver(Dio cover)
Maharzan - I'm Alright(JerryC Cover)
Go For Broke(Virtual Band) - All The Time
Valley Soldiers(Virtual Band) - Simple Song
Citizens Failure(Virtual Band) - You Give Love A Bad Name(Bon Jovi Cover)
Uriah Heap(Virtual Band) - Something or Nothing
Men In Blues(Virtual Band) - Another Brick in the Wall(Pink Floyd Cover)
Ozrob - Till My Breath Fails
Sollesnes - My Curse(Killswitch Engage Cover)
Nielzsz - Wonderfall Cover
Alexiaden93 - Symphony Of The Sands
Guitarn00b - Never Let Go
Ulrik - Within Your Soul
Weepee - Birth
Fused - It Started With Mu
Zen - Desperate Cry(Sepultera Cover)

Track Lists

Do you want to share your favourite track lists, including songs by GMC members or songs by others? Then this page is just for you!