Journal 2011-05-03 GMC Upcoming Changes

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GMC Upcoming Changes

GMC Founder Kristofer Dahl has shed light upon the upcoming changes our favourite site will soon go through:

  • Fewer, but higher quality lessons. We are likely to go from publishing lessons once per day to once every other day, but we are raising standards for all of our instructors - we want the best of the best!

  • Lower prices. That's right, see below for the new GMC subscription prices. You will notice we are almost down at the 'old' prices.

Current prices: 1 month $29 - 3 months $69 - 12 months $228
New prices: 1 month $15 - 6 months $70 - 12 months $110

  • Better lesson help. Starting from today Ivan and Cosmin are responsible for helping you out in ANY lesson you might have problems with. It doesn't matter if the lesson is old or new, just ask in the lesson feedback and we'll get back to you asap (usually the same day - instantaneously if you see they are online).

  • More community activities. Within the next months you will see the following: some instructors will have much more time devoted to you. In other words you will not only get new lessons from our core team of instructors but also accompanying collaborations, video chats and other cool forum stuff. Also waiting times for REC grading should decrease quite a bit.

You can expect even more cool updates the coming months ( downloadable backings, iphone app etc) - in general we will be putting more focus on the community - hopefully you will be as excited as we are about the changes!

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