Journal 2011-05-11 New MVC - Quadrium

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Quadrium new MVC
Quadrium new MVC

New MVC - Quadrium

We have a new member joining the MVC ranks here at GMC, which as you know, stands for Most Valued Contributor, an important title which resembles a member's influence and helping attitude in our sparkling guitar community user posted image

So Big Congrats to Quadrium (Dogukan), for his excellent job all around the site these months!

Dogukan has been involved in almost every activity that takes place here at GMC, being active in the boards, creating new Student Instructor lessons, REC, helping building our knowledge base, and even creating a new Virtual band along our members and instructors.

These are some of his ongoing projects in our site:

GMC Radio Project
Theory Lessons
GMC Lessons into the Wiki
Virtual Band Project
Youtube channel

Keep rocking Dogukan! user posted image user posted image