Journal 2011-07-12 Buckethead Collab

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Buckethead Collab
Buckethead Collab

Buckethead Collab

Instructor Gabriel Leopardi just shared with us his latest Collab mix, based on an amazing guitarist that hides under a mask... who might that be?.... Yeah, of course, no other than Buckethead.

The backing for this one was amazing and inspiring, with parts that remind of "Soothsayer", ready for any solo from melodic to crazy shredding, as Buckethead would do himself user posted image

Listen to it here

Thanks to all these members for taking part!:

Gitarrero: (00:05 to 00:49)

K1R: (00:50 to 01:33)

Marek: (01:33 to 02:18)

Michael AC: (02:19 to 03:03)

Quadrium: (03:06 to 03:49)

SpaceMonkey: (03:53 to 04:33)

WeePee: (04:34 to 05:18)

Willy: (05:18 to 06:05)

Zen: (06:08 to 07:36)