Journal 2012-02-17 GMC New Improvements

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Improving our site!
Improving our site!

GMC New Improvements

GMC Founder Kristofer Dahl sheds some light on the site's latest improvements, which are many and nicely implemented.

We have spent the last couple of months switching development agency - which has caused the development pace to slow down. However it seems we are at the end of the tunnel and I hope we will be able to create some strong improvements of the site's functionality in 2012.

Here are some small tweaks which (for most part) went live today:

- Bookmarks feature streamlined
Bookmarking is done now all within one menu by clicking on "Bookmarks" icon in the upper right corner. To bookmark a lesson: visit the lesson page and go to bookmarks>bookmark this lesson. Also, the lesson page does no longer reload when bookmarking (that used to cause the lesson video to start playing again).

- New Lesson Series categories
Now its possible to browse lesson series by categories and more easily navigate the page.

- Sound cloud embedding
It is now possible to embed soundcloud files in the forum. Click here to read more about it.

- Forum PMs being cut off
It would happen sometimes when you receive a Private Message in the forum, that the pop-up window that informs you about it would be cut-off to the side and not show the full message. This is now fixed.

- Broken avatar in lesson feedback
Students who don't have a forum avatar set in the forum would have a broken image showing in Chrome and IE when they post lesson feedback : This is now fixed by showing a generic avatar there.

- Old GMC background showing in forum
It was possible to see an old GMC background forum when realoading the pages in the forum. This could also have a slight impact on forum performance. This is now fixed.

- Lesson Playback
It is now possible to pause the video in the lessons by clicking on the screen. Get fullscreen by double clicking. (test it)

- Insert Special Item
It is possible to access Youtube, Soundcloud and Tab custom tags via "Insert Special Item" option when writing the posts :

- Broken forum attachment icons
Some unknown file types had broken image when added as an attachment in the forum. This is now fixed.

- Keywords bug
Some keywords like power chords, arpeggios etc would "eat" the punctation signs that follow. This is fixed.

- Linkmembers feature for webmasters is now updated.

- Rate lesson button removed
We have have removed some elements on the lesson pages that were rarely used. This will allow for new stuff and cleaner pages.

If you find bugs or want to suggest new features or improvements - big or small - we would really appreciate it! Just shoot! GMC students know better than anyone else what the site really needs.