Kid Rock - Rock N Roll Jesus Review

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Kid Rock - Rock N Roll Jesus
Kid Rock - Rock N Roll Jesus


General Information

Original Author: RobM

Artist: Kid Rock

Album: Rock N Roll Jesus

Genre: Rock

Price: $13.99


Rock N Roll Jesus
All Summer long
Roll On
So Hott
When You love Someone
New Orleans
Don't tell me U Love me
Bluejeans and a Rosary
Half Your Age
Lowlife(Living The High Life)


This was my first Kid Rock purchase, I was surprised at how good most of the tracks are. He does use quite a bit of profanity in some of the tracks and it works in all but one.

Music Quality

I was really impressed at how easily he goes from a country to a rock to a ballad sound without any difficulty. I find the band to be quite good but they also don't press much musicly either.

Overall Impression


I like the CD quite a bit and would reccomend it to those who are looking for a change of pace. I'm going to buy kid Rock again and will also look into buying some of his previous work.