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Marcus Siepen @GMC
Marcus Siepen @GMC



Marcus Siepen (born September 8, 1968 in Krefeld, Germany) is one of two guitarists in the Power metal band Blind Guardian. For the biggest percentage of Blind Guardian's songs, particularly in more recent years, he has almost strictly played rhythm guitar, with most lead and solo work being performed by André Olbrich.


Siepen is divorced and has a son from his first marriage. He has since re-married. Growing up in a Roman Catholic family, Siepen claims to not be religious, and that he doesn't believe in God. He views Jesus Christ as a human philosopher, "a very charismatic person with a great view of how people should live together."

He is also an avid skateboarder, something he is known to do before live shows and when on tour. In September 2004 he broke his leg in four places while skateboarding. Following the incident he made a pact with himself to never skate again, and sold his skateboard on Ebay.


He almost exclusively plays Gibson Les Pauls. On occasion, he plays a custom ESP Eclipse, as seen in the Imaginations Through the Looking Glass DVD. He is one of the biggest MESA/Boogie Fans and plays a Triple Rectifier for nearly 15 years now.He also teaches guitar at this site.

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