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Marek Rojewski
Marek Rojewski


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Experienced Tone Guru

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Lesson Upload & Results History

Chris Impellitteri Style

Verdict: Level 9 Pass 8.7

Testament Rhythm and Solo

Verdict: Level 8 Pass 6

Marty Mustaine Style Lesson

Verdict: Level 8 Pass 6.3

Petrucci Style - Arabic Sensation

Verdict: Level 6 Pass 7.7

German Power Metal IV: Primal Fear

Verdict: Level 5 Pass 7.3

Power Of Mini Sweeps

Verdict: Level 7 Pass 8.25

Heavy Metal Shuffle

Verdict: Level 5 Pass 9.75

Iced Earth Style

Verdict: Level 7 Pass 9

The Devil Is In The Diad

Verdict: Level 4 Pass 9.5

Heavy Picking Lesson

Verdict: Level 7 Pass 8

Evolving Riffing 4

Verdict: Level 5 Pass 8

Neoclassical Shrapnel

Verdict: Level 7 Pass 7.6

F# Phrygian - B Minor Solo

Verdict: Level 7 Pass 7.5

Lydian Phrasing Beginner

Verdict: Level 2 Pass 89.4%

Rock Solo In Bb Major

Verdict: Level 4 Pass 80%

Heavy Metal For Beginners

Verdict: Level 3 Pass 78.8%

Melodic Solo in Gm Rock Lesson, by Carlos Carrillo

Verdict: Level 2 Pass 79.84%

Melodic Piece in E Minor Metal Classic Lesson, by Lian Gerbino

Verdict: Level 4 Pass 82.64%

Phrygian Soloing - Beginner Rock Other Lesson, by Muris Varajic

Verdict: Level 3 Pass 78.88%

Rock Solo - Beginner Rock Other Lesson, by Trond Vold

Verdict: Level 3 Pass 80.64%

Pull-offs Lesson

Verdict: Level 3 Pass 87.47%

Power Metal Rhythm

Verdict: Level 4 Pass 9

Basic Metal Rhythm Guitar

Verdict: Level 3 Pass 7.5

No Upstrokes Allowed

Verdict: Level 5 Pass 8

Epic Metal Rhythm Guitar

Verdict: Level 4 Pass 8.6


- Your five highest graded passes are: 7,7,9,8,8
- Which makes for an average level of: 7.8

  • That average grants you the title of: Tone Guru


-You have completed a total number of lessons of: 25

  • That number grants you the distinction of: Experienced

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