Mesa Boogie Triaxis Review

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Mesa Boogie triaxis Preamp
Mesa Boogie triaxis Preamp


General Information

Original Author: Muris Varajic

Weapon: Mesa Boogie Triaxis Preamp

Make: Mesa Boogie

Model: Triaxis

Price: 2444 Euros at Thomann.De (I bought mine used on for 1200$)


-5x12AX7 tubes
-8 Modes (MK I / Vintage Fat Clean, MK IV / Hyper-Clean, MK I / Lead,
MK I / Gain Boost,Classic British Lead, MK IV / Medium Gain,
MK IIC+/ Classic High Gain & MK III / Searing Gain)
-90 User Preset Locations/128 Midi Program Locations
-Midi In/Out/Thru
-Midi Continuous Control (any or all parameters)
-Midi Data Transfer
-Phantom Power (for Footcontroller)
-Programmable FX Loop w/Stereo Returns
-4 Programmable Function Switches (Controls Smart Power™ “Deep, Half Drive or Modern” on select MESA Power amps or controls other outboard gear)
-Stereo Main & Recording Outputs

First Impression

Wow...whatever you try,it sounds awesome!

Sound: 10/10

It's house full of tone indeed! I was expecting great hi-gain stuff but clean tones amazed me a lot! It seems like softly compressed,no matter how hard you hit a string there's no clipping,like usual. Another great thing about this unit is its reaction to input signal. You can take hi-gain tone and get everything from soft clean,warm OD up to original setting, just mess a bit with volume pot on your guitar,that's all.


Ease Of Use: 10/10

It's really simple to use unit,you can see everything on front panel, EQs,,Gain/Master levels,Mode selection,FX Loop activity etc. No "hidden" parameters like on many similar units, it's all there,great overlook.


It's made really solid but as always,Mesa leaves tubes place "open". This is actually great thing for easy replacing of tubes(cooling as well). However some players have bad feeling about it,you can hit the tube with a cable or som IF you are not careful enough,no extra care needed here,just don't be too sloppy.

Overall Impression

It covers many tone colors and genres,it's easy to use and sounds amazing,imho. Price might be the issue,no doubt there.