Metalium - Hero Nation (ch. 3), As One (ch.4) Review

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Metalium - Hero Nation (ch. 3)
Metalium - Hero Nation (ch. 3)


General Information

Original Author: The Uncreator

Artist: Metalium

Album: Metalium

Genre: Power Metal


Hero Nation:
1. Source Of Souls
2. Revenge Of Tizona
3. In The Name Of Blood
4. Rasputin
5. Odins Spell
6. Accused To Be A Witch
7. Throne In The Sky
8. Fate Conquered The Power
9. Infinte Love
10. Hero Nation

Metalium - Hero Nation (ch. 4)
Metalium - Hero Nation (ch. 4)

As One:
1. Astral Avatar
2. Warrior
3. Pain Crawls In The Night
4. Find Out
5. No One Will Save You
6. Meaning Of Light
7. Illuminated
8. Meaning Of Light (Reprise)
9. Athena
10. Power Strikes The Earth
11. Godess Of Love And Pain
12. As One

  • Note: i review both these as one, because as far as i know, they are still sold together in one package.


8 The best aspect of this band is there sound, strong, unique and different, they have some new tricks up there sleeves with every album, what particular stands out, is the use of the bass guitar more strongly on these two albums, Lars, the bass player has some pretty groovy bass riffs that get your blood pumpin! The guitar lead sound is great as well, just by the end of the album, it might seem a bit stale, or worn out by then.


7 Hmm, this is the one major place i think they need improvement, there not bad necessarily, but they tend to oversimplify on a subject that is complex and intricate, like the subjext of Homers Epic, "The Odyssey", the condensed it into a 5 or 6 minute song and leave out many parts in it, they also due this with historical events, like when Nero Augustus supposedly burned down rome, its just feels like there not finishing there song. I Find it hard to belive a band could take a subject that has so many details and make it into just a few verses while still fully explaining the details of it, I dont think they always do themselves jutsice, but that aside, there are still good lyrics on there albums, not mindblowing or out of this world, but still they can be fun to listen like "Odins Spell" has some cool stuff in it. One other thing, is that on about 2 or 3 songs on each album, it sounds like there singer is trying to hard, like is foricing his voice to do it, as if its not natural.

Guitar Work

7.5 Fairly good, nice riffs, nice solos that will get you wantin to play guitar for a few hours, and even some moments where you say "Ok that is just awesome". After a few listens though, it might not surprise you anymore, it might lose its flavor after a while, but its still excellent guitar work on this album, there lead sound alone is almost worth the purchase, its unique and different, and that deserves credit all on its own.

Overall Impression

7.5 Solid albums with more potential hidden in them, there latest albums do show more improvement. These are still a good power metal band for power metal fans, and they are apparently getting real popular all over europe, so they have to be doing something right!