Moonlight Agony - Echoes Of A Nightmare Review

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Moonlight Agony - Echoes Of A Nightmare
Moonlight Agony - Echoes Of A Nightmare


General Information

Original Author: Superize

Artist: Moonlight Agony

Album: Echoes Of A Nightmare

Genre: Power Metal

Year of release: 2004


01. Into Darkness
02. Icy Plains
03. Echoes of a Nightmare
04. Ceremony
05. Equilibrium
06. The Ghost
07. Moonlite Horizon
08. Vanished


Karl Lundin Guitar
Martin Mellsröm Synth
David Åkesson Vocals
Robert Willstedt Drums
Chister Pedersen Bass
Rickard Petersson Guitar



This album is heavy.... The sound of the guitars makes you want to headbang even after the song is over. The drum and Bass really works well togheter along with the guitar and synh to make a heavey and cool rythm



There are two Guitarist in this band and one of them is using a 7 string guitar to add mor depth in the sound and i you can really notice right away that rythm guitar sounds a bit more heavy then on other albums. The solos a great played and well written.....But the thing that i like the most are those heavy riffs

Drums and Bass


The drums and bass really works well toghether with the rythm guitar to make the sound really conected.



In every power metal band there is a need for a great synth player and this band is no exeption. There are alot of synth intros in this album and thoose are so great that yo jut want to here them over and over again(Check out vanshed to here what i am talking about)

Overall impression


This is one of my favorite albums of all time and i really like everything in it... Everything that you need in a power metal album is in there, Great riffs, Great solos, Fast drumming and bass playing and offcourse a synth that will blow your head away....

This is a must have for every power metal fans

My favorite track on the album