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Motorhead are a British Heavy Metal band formed by Lemmy Kilminster in 1975.
Some may call Motorhead Speed Metal or Thrash Metal and although bands like Motorhead certainly had a huge influence on these genres, Motorhead is built on a solid basis of good old Rock n Roll with an approach that has remained the same throughout Motorheads history. FAST, EXCITING and VERY VERY LOUD!!

Line up

Since 1975 although the music hasnt changed a great deal the line ups have, Lemmy (the founder member) has remained with the band since 1975 to date.

The current line up for Motorhead is:

Lemmy - bass, lead vocals
Phil Campbell - guitar
Mikkey Dee - drums

Past guitarists

Larry Wallis - 1975-1976
Joined Motorhead in May 1975 and left in Feb 1976 when guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clark joined the band.

"Fast" Eddie Clark - 1976-1982
Motorhead as a trio of Eddie,Lemmy and Taylor is probably the most well known "classic" line up, Eddie joined in 1975 and left in 1982 when Motorhead did a cover of "Stand by your man" Eddie felt this song compromised everything about Motorhead and subsequently left whilst on tour in the US.

Brian Robertson - 1982-1983
brought in to replace Eddie Clark he finished the US tour and recorded one album with Motorhead, not a pleasant time for Motorhead with Brian as he often refused to play some of the bands classic numbers, he left in 1983.

Wurzel - 1984 - 1995 Joined in 1984 after a successful audition. Lemmy was so impressed with Wurzel and Phil Campbell playing together he decided to hire them both, He remained with the band till 1995.

Phil Campbell - 1984 to date Joined in 1984 to replace Brian Robertson, Motorhead held auditions and where only looking for one guitarist, it was undecided between Wurzel and Phil, Motorhead decided upon hearing the two play together that both would be hired and Motorhead would become a four piece. Phil still remains as the sole guitarist for Motorhead to date.


  • 1977 Motörhead
  • 1979 Overkill
  • 1979 Bomber 12 Bronze #4
  • 1979 On Parole
  • 1980 Ace of Spades
  • 1981 No Sleep 'til Hammersmith
  • 1982 Iron Fist
  • 1983 Another Perfect Day
  • 1984 No Remorse
  • 1986 Orgasmatron
  • 1987 Rock 'n' Roll
  • 1988 No Sleep at All
  • 1991 1916
  • 1992 March ör Die
  • 1993 B?st??ds
  • 1995 Sacrifice
  • 1996 Overnight Sensation
  • 1998 Snake Bite Love
  • 1999 Everything Louder Than Everyone Else
  • 2000 We Are Motörhead
  • 2000 The Best Of Metal-Is
  • 2002 Hammered
  • 2003 Live at Brixton Academy
  • 2004 Inferno
  • 2006 Kiss of Death
  • 2007 Better Motörhead than Dead: Live at Hammersmith

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