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Pantera were an American Metal band that founded in 1981 by the brothers Vinnie Paul Abbott and Darrel Lance Abbott in Fort Worth, Texas. With Vinnie on the drums , his brother Dimebag Darell on guitar, bassist Rex Brown and their Singer Phil Anselmo, Pantera reinvented the Heavy Metal and shaped the face of todays Extreme Metal.

The Early Years: Glam Metal

No More Spandex:Cowboys From Hell

In Your Face:Vulgar Display Of Power

Brutality on Billboard #1:Far Beyond Driven

Band Tensions:The Great Southern Trendkill

Welcome Back To Life, You Overdosed On Heroin

Reinventing The Steel

The End Of Pantera

On-Stage Murder

Side Projects

Dimebag Darrel Lance Abbott

Vinnie Paul Abbott

Rex Brown

Phillip Hansen Anselmo