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Parker Fly guitar
Parker Fly guitar



Parker fly is a guitar brand for mostly rock/metal guitars, but they also have jazz, bass and even acoustic guitars. The brand is fairly young. Their guitars stand out because of the special look. The abnormal head and unique body style makes the Parker Fly guitars.


The Company was first started by Ken Parker in the early 90's. Ken Parker first only used his hands for reparation on guitars, later on he started to build his own guitars. After he sold his first guitars, he asked the PF (PF=Parker Fly) players to evaluate the guitar and they told him what they liked and disliked of the guitar. Ken Parker used all this information to improve his guitar. Then there was a turn in the PF history, the company was sold to the US Music Corporation. Since this change, guitars are made in diffrent countries and there are also some licenced copies. The company started to make different guitars like the Fly, the Nitefly (similar to the Fly but with a different neck construction), and all the models in the P-Series like the P-10, the P-20, the P-30, and the P-42.


Parker has a lot of diffrent models, and the most known is the fly guitar. That's why some people don't call the factory parker but ParkerFly. These are the guitar series they have now (Februar 2008:
Fly Guitar
Parker Bass

The fly guitar (like the one at the right-top corner of this page) Is the "basic" Parker guitar. Within this series, there's
The Parker NiteFly
The Parker NiteFly
the Mojo single cutaway, the normal Mojo, the Classic, the Deluxe and the Mojo Snakeskin. the Fly only weights five pounds. It has two humbucking Pickups and a tremolo system.

The NiteFly looks a lot like the normal fly. A big diffrence is the pickguard on the body, but some types don't have this guard. This guitar is lightweight, like the normal Fly, but has a patented bolt-on neck. This neck uses diffrent materials, like carbon and glassfibre.

The Parker Bass is one of the better bass guitars, here is a quote: "The Parker's responsiveness and sensitivity to dynamic inflection was phenomenal; every technique, from whisper-quiet chordal work to propulsive pickstyle , worked well. Plugged in, with both of the magnetic pickups on and the EQ flat , the Parker sounded rich, even, and clear. With the piezos soloed, I was impressed by the Fly's huge dynamic range and airy, upright-like tone. The Fly is a beautiful and intriguing bass that pushes our instrument's evolution one big step forward." (Bass Player Magazine, July 2003)
The Parker acoustic guitars look diffrent then "normal" acoustic guitars. The body has a very diffrent look then normal ones. The P8E has a solid cedar top, rosewood binding, solid flame maple back & flame maple sides. It has a mahogany neck with ebony microdot inlaid fingerboard & bridge. Electronics are a Fishman® hum canceling pickup with a Acoustic Matrix undersaddle. 1/4" and XLR outputs are implanted in the body.


On the Parker site it states that 48 diffrent artist use a Parker guitar! They forgot to mention two of the world's best guitar instructors, Kristofer Dahl and David Walliman

If you want to visit the Parker site, go to and check it out.

--Kaznie 17:29, 13 February 2008 (UTC)