Phil Lynott

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Phil Lynott
Phil Lynott



Full Name : Philip Parris Lynott
Born in 1949 on August 20th, tragically died on January 4th 1986 at age 36
He is well known as the singer and Bass Player for the legendary Hard Rock group Thin Lizzy


After a brief stint with Gary Moore`s Skid Row,In 1969 Phil formed Thin Lizzy with guitarist Eric Bell
The band had its first hit in 1973 doing a rock cover version of the folk song "Whiskey in the Jar"
through till 1980 Phil ahd enjoyed major success with Lizzy but decided to work on a solo project where he released two albums, a single off of his second album "Yellow Peril" was the theme tune to british TV programme "Top of the Pops" for many years, despite the album not doing very well.
1984 saw Thin Lizzy disband, and Phil re kindled his friendship with Gary Moore in `85 and collaborated with him on the hit single "Out in the Fields"
Phil had formed a new band Grand Slam, but rumours where that he was planning to reform Lizzy with guitarists John Sykes and Scott Gorham during late 1985.

A tragic End

Through the eighties Phil had become alcohol and drug dependent, christmas day of 1985 would see Phil Collapse at his home with a liver & kidney infection, he was rushed to hospital where he fought for his life for several days.
Sadly on the 4th january 1986 Phil Lynott passed away due to heart failure, he was only 36 years old.



A life sized statue has been placed in Dublin and was unveiled in a public ceromony that was attended by former band members and Phils mother.

Solo Discography

  • 1980 - Solo in Soho
  • 1982 - The Philip Lynott Album

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